Washington Post sold to billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for 0m

The remaining Washington Post company, which is to be renamed, will retain ownership of several other news outlets and properties such as Kaplan, an education firm and is its most profitable arm. Martin Baron, the newspaper's editor since January, …
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Singapore (PRWEB) August 05, 2013

When it comes to fuel, most people tend to think of the soaring prices of oil that add to their cost of maintaining a car. But why suffer at the hands of skyrocketing oil prices when one can take advantage of the situation and grow the money in their bank accounts?

That’s what Shenton Energy Asia aims to do for its clients.

“Alternative investments such as crude oil investment is an excellent opportunity for those wanting to grow their money with minimum risks involved,” explains Cherine Cheong, the managing director of Shenton Energy Asia.

Cheongs expertise in alternative investment is backed by her vast business experience that has also helped her company to offer a portfolio of energy-based products that yield high returns.

Crude oil investment is an affordable and lucrative business opportunity. You are paid 3% of your initial payment every 90 days without having to do anything else. This is how we can turn fuel into money for you, says Cheong.

Shenton Energy Asia organizes preview talks on at least two evenings a week, to introduce its portfolio of energy-based investment products and open up the window of opportunity. The companys growing teams of consultants will also be present during the sessions to answer questions and clarify doubts about the business opportunity.

Cheong takes an active participation in the business by giving the presentations at most of these sessions, as she believes that she will be able to show her sincerity in wanting to help more people benefit from alternative investments.

Interested parties can easily sign up through the companys website.

To find out more about the opportunity of turning fuel into money, visit the website of Shenton Energy Asia by clicking here.