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I purchased regarding 500,000 of the modern government Iraqi dinar whenever I was inside Iraq, plus I was thinking how much they are value today. I recognize it may not be a lot considering the active political condition, nevertheless I was thinking when anybody had any idea what they are value, or where I might look to obtain out. Also, where might I go to exchange them for American $ ?

Answer by JGdancin
can go to chase bank however wait for foreign investment law plus oil regulations before swapping them. now they are value 1:1276 (03/26/2007)

(PRWEB) August 07, 2013

Dinar Trade, the biggest independent dealer of Iraqi Dinar plus alternative exotic currencies, now announced it is among the sponsor the Iraq Finance Conference 2013, an global meeting plus exposition about banking plus financial services inside Iraq, scheduled for September 18 19, 2013, inside London. Dinar Trade has been the marketplace creator inside the Iraqi Dinar about both the buy plus sell-side because 2004.

The event, that qualities senior banking plus finance ministers within the Iraqi government, is intended to facilitate constructive discussions plus coordinate efforts to rebuild the banking plus financial services sector inside Iraq into a famous world-class program.

“As the Iraqi banking plus financial services sector continues to evolve plus grow into a possible territorial leader, it is actually important which Dinar Trade remains actively involved about behalf of the all its visitors that have purchased plus available Dinars from the organization,” mentioned H. Ali Agha, chief executive officer of Dinar Trade. “Our presence at the event can bring the foreign exchange of Dinars to the best of the conference’s schedule plus supply important information regarding the supply plus need of the Iraqi Dinar to present investors.

Mr. Agha has scheduled closed-door meetings with senior officials within the Central Bank of Iraq, the Iraqi Government, plus Iraqi private financial sector.

More generally, Iraq Finance 2013 can explore issues surrounding the banking plus financial services industry inside the nation, identify plus address requires for the system’s reform plus achievement, explore the present state of business financing, communicate the country’s riches plus financial potential to global investors, plus develop plans for you to improve collaboration between financial specialists plus their global counterparts.

Key panels include:

Existing state of banking plus finance inside Iraq.

Immediate plus long-term techniques of the Ministry of Finance plus Central Bank of Iraq.

Overview of government reforms plus investment required throughout the banking plus financial services sector.

Iraq Finance 2013 has confirmed which prominent Iraqi government plus financial leaders may attend, including:

His Excellency Dr. Rowsch Nori Shaways, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

His Excellency Dr. Qusay al-Suhail, First Deputy, President of Iraq Parliament.

His Excellency Dr. Rafi Al Essawi, Minister of Finance.

His Excellency Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi, Governor, Central Bank of Iraq.

His Excellency Dr. Thamir Ghadhban, Chairman, Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister.

His Excellency Dr. Sami al-Araji, Chairman, National Investment Commission.

His Excellency Dr. Haidar al-Abadi, Chairman of Finance Committee inside Parliament.

“The achievement of Dinar Trade as well as the loyalty plus enthusiasm of the almost 1 million buyers underscores the noticeable help which you offer to Iraq’s financial stability,” mentioned Mr. Agha. “Our help plus involvement inside the meeting are the number one techniques for Dinar Trade to gain awareness into Iraq’s plans for the exchange rate of the Dinar plus any pending changes inside valuation by the central government.”

About Dinar Trade

Dinar Trade is the biggest independent dealer of Iraqi Dinar plus different exotic currencies. Registered with all the U.S. Department of Treasury, Dinar Trade offers innovative programs, investment choices plus educational insights to millions of Iraqi Dinar plus exotic currency exchangers throughout the United States plus abroad. As among the initially businesses inside the planet to pioneer the public buy of Iraqi Dinars, Dinar Trade is a trusted resource for guaranteed authentic currencies of non-criminal origins plus offers expeditious, secure exchanges to its visitors from just the greatest specifications of standard performance plus customer help.